Sean Corriel

I Build Things for Humans, An Intelligent Creation Platform

Founded a graphic design startup that used computer vision and machine learning to create media (w/Manvitha Ponnapati).

FostPost, A Web App for Making Images

Built a data backed image editing app (w/Manvitha Ponnapati)

Time Management App for iPad

Designed a simple project management app for mobile

Finalist: World Trade Center Memorial Competition

Designed Garden of Lights, w/Pierre David and Jessica Kmetovic

Winner, Sukkah City STL Competition

Designed and built a temporary structure that speaks to privacy in our digital age

Way Lighter

Designed and built a really lightweight (14lb), shippable bed frame

2nd Place: Mastercard Fintech Hackathon

Created Billgoat, a spending app for young professionals (w/Kelsey, Abhi, Kaiwen, & Joss)

Harvard University Master's Thesis

Architecture that reacts: negotiating steep terrain (adv. Preston Scott Cohen)

Using Moire Patterns as Experience

Coded: Interference as dynamic mechanisms of opacity/transparency

Harvard University Research Grant

Research in West Africa: How can we create low-cost infrastructure that mitigates malaria?

Passive Cooling and Performative Beams

Designed a mall rooftop as an urban beach (w/Farshid Moussavi)

Amsterdam Iconic Bridge Competition

Designed a pedestrian bridge as an urban park (reinforced fiberglass)

Partnering w a Senegalese NGO

Creating a cultural beacon in rural Senegal (w/Toshiko Mori)

Performance Based Prototypes

Exploring new possiblities in Miguel Fisac's work (w/Andrew Domnitz & Vera Shur)