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Spacings App availble for free on Apple iOS




Scroll down to try augmented reality classroom models with your iPhone.

Classroom Configurations

Augmented Reality Visualizer for Classrooms.
See how much space your school or class needs for social distance learning using your iPhone (beta).


This tool is created in collaboration with the National COVID-19 Outdoor Learning Initiative.
It uses their site plans as the basis of the outdoor seating models. Please see: Green Schoolyards America for more information about taking learning outside in response to COVID-19.

To use the augmented reality models below, click on a model using your iPhone from Safari (Supports iOS 12 and later, Chrome not supported)

3' Foot Spacing

11 Seats

10 Students, 1 Teacher
3 Ft Spacing + 15" Seats (51" Spacing O.C.)

15'-0" Diameter Circle


13 Seats

12 Students, 1 Teacher
3 Ft Spacing + 15" Seats (51" Spacing O.C.)

17'-8" Diameter


6' Foot Spacing

11 Seats

10 Students, 1 Teacher
6 Ft Spacing + 15" Seats (87" Spacing O.C.)

25'-4" Diameter Circle


26'-8" Outer Diameter, 12'-4" Inner Diameter


13 Seats

12 Students, 1 Teacher
15" Seats, 72" Spacing (87" Spacing O.C.)


26'-8" Foot Outer Dia. 12'-4" Inner Dia, (87" Spacing O.C.)


30 Foot Dia. Circle (87" Spacing O.C.)


Tents and Seating

30 Foot x 30 Foot Tent & 11 Seats
25' dia. Circle (87" Spacing O.C.)



40 Foot x 40 Foot Tent


13 Seats, 6 ft spacing O.C.

18 ft grid, 6 ft spacing


11 Seats, 6 ft spacing O.C.

21 ft dia., 6 ft spacing

rc=, An Intelligent Creation Platform

Founded a graphic design startup that used computer vision and machine learning to create media (w/Manvitha Ponnapati).

FostPost, A Web App for Making Images

Built a data backed image editing app (w/Manvitha Ponnapati)

Time Management App for iPad

Designed a simple project management app for mobile

2nd Place: Mastercard Fintech Hackathon

Created Billgoat, a spending app for young professionals (w/Kelsey, Abhi, Kaiwen, & Joss)

Using Moire Patterns as Experience

Coded: Interference as dynamic mechanisms of opacity/transparency

Way Lighter

Designed and built a really lightweight (14lb), shippable bed frame

Winner, Sukkah City STL Competition

Designed and built a temporary structure that speaks to privacy in our digital age

Harvard University Research Grant

Research in West Africa: How can we create low-cost infrastructure that mitigates malaria?

Harvard University Master's Thesis

Architecture that reacts: negotiating steep terrain (adv. Preston Scott Cohen)

Passive Cooling and Performative Beams

Designed a mall rooftop as an urban beach (w/Farshid Moussavi)

Amsterdam Iconic Bridge Competition

Designed a pedestrian bridge as an urban park (reinforced fiberglass)

Partnering w a Senegalese NGO

Creating a cultural beacon in rural Senegal (w/Toshiko Mori)

Performance Based Prototypes

Exploring new possiblities in Miguel Fisac's work (w/Andrew Domnitz & Vera Shur)

Finalist: World Trade Center Memorial Competition

Designed Garden of Lights, w/Pierre David and Jessica Kmetovic